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NFL Thanksgiving: Since ancient times, maybe not so long ago, but from the very beginning of the history of the National Football League, fans could watch Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. This season, Lions accept Bears, Cowboys accept Accounts, and Falcons accept Saints.

Lions began the tradition in 1934,

when owner George A. Richards wanted to attract more fans. The marketing master’s plan worked, and the team that usually lost fans to the more popular Detroit Tigers sold out their stadium, and then some. The team had to turn people away at the gates, because so many people came to see the game of their lions.

NFL Thanksgiving Live

Thanksgiving Day usually offers his time with his family and watching football. 14 of the NFL season, three successive players will return to Greece for food.Begins Thanksgiving Day Week 13 in the NFL. Detroit Lions in Chicago and appetizers are. Buffalo Bills and Dallas for dinner. And for dessert, fans of New Orleans Saints Falcons.

Richards was not only the owner of the NFL franchise, but also an NBC-affiliated radio station, and developed a contract with NBC to broadcast his games on television at 94 stations.

Lions did not invent Thanksgiving football, other teams had done it before, but Detroit had a network deal that set him apart. In addition to Lions, turkey, toppings and mashed potatoes, which are staples for Thanksgiving, Cowboys also regularly attend this holiday.

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Their tradition began in 1966 when general manager Tex Schramm signed up to play that day to get more nationwide advertising. Like the Lions, the Cowboys had a terrific crowd appearing in the Cotton Ball.

Their tradition began with the fact that, apart from 1975 and 1977, when the St. Louis cardinals were awarded a holiday game, the team played on Turkey Day.

NFL Slate Week 13 begins with some great Thanksgiving football. Our NFL Nation reporters bring us the keys to the game every Thursday, a bold prognosis for each match and predictions for the final score.

In addition, ESPN Stats & Information provides statistics that you need to know for each game and the current playoff situation, and the Football Strength Index (FPI) is among those with a hit rating (on a scale of 1 to 100) and a game forecast. Kyle Soppe of ESPN Fantasy and David Birman of ESPN Chalk also give out useful nuggets. It’s all here to help you get ready for a busy NFL football day.

Let’s move on to a full Thanksgiving schedule,

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including a clash between two NFC South teams on Thursday night, when one team can already choose a playoff spot. Saints will choose NFC South and a Thanksgiving victory playoff spot. Even if the Panthers won, the Saints would keep the time-raiser in the division. According to ESPN Stats & Information, this would link the earliest NFC South clique in the unit’s history, which dates back to 2002.

Day generally not provide food to families and football football. At 14 for three consecutive NFL games allow Greece to return to players.The 13th day of the week starts NFL but thanks. There are Lions and Chicago at Detroit inputs. Buffalo Bills and Dallas in the meal. And for dessert, the fans will be in the New Orleans Saints Falcons.80 and Detroit played game on Thanksgiving. They played their first game on Thanksgiving Day 1934. The Bears played in the first NFL broadcast nationally. The developer yards with two touchdown Bronko Nagurski crossing Valerius Hewitt to victory in London. The Bears did not expect the same effect on Thursday.

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Lions have lost seven of their last eight games, trainer Matt Patricia is in a hot spot, and local radio and local columnist have urged Detroit fans not to appear on Thursday to send a message to the Ford family about Franchise Destination. Two weeks ago, Dallas fans invaded Detroit – and if this happens again in front of a national audience, it could trigger a surge.

The prime time match was included in the mix in 2006, which added more holidays to the league and increased the number of appearances in the NFL on Thanksgiving. Here’s a look at how the 31 teams that played at the party advanced – for the past 25 seasons, the jaguars have yet to play Thanksgiving.